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Always be ready for quick water rescue with this Kemp USA throw bag with 100' of 3/8" thick yellow and red rope and Bengal safety whistle. Made with durable nylon, this throw bag is self-draining so it will stay afloat in calm and choppy waters. It comes with 100' of red and yellow braided polypropylene rope designed for strength.

This throw bag features a reflective stripe for visibility. It also comes with a Bengal whistle that can be used to alert others of your location or to call for help. The whistle is loud enough to hear over traffic, breaking waves, wind, and ambient noise.

Set Includes:
- Throw bag
- 100' rope
- Bengal safety whistle

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 100'

Kemp USA Red Throw Bag With 100' Yellow Rope With Kemp Bengal Safety Whistle

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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