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Lifesaver Ring Toss Challenge

Raising awareness about the importance of flotation and raising water safety education money for the




1.     Grab a lifesaver ring or any ring float (can be any fun pool float - point is flotation!) and a pole.

2.     Set a timer for 10 minutes - see how many times you can get the ring  over the pole.


3.     Video your performance and upload to social media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  Be sure to tag             @thedevotedfloat 


4.     Tag 3 of your friends - challenging them to beat your ring toss record.  

If they don't beat you, have them donate $10 (any amount or no amount is fine - flotation awareness is the goal!) to the

American Red Cross.

Let's get to it!


The videos must include the following information:


A: Your name (first name is fine).


B: Who challenged you


C: Accepting their challenge with the full name ("I accept The Devoted Float Lifesaver Ring Toss Challenge")


D: Three more people you want to challenge


E: The website: 


After you create your masterpiece – send it to @thedevotedfloat or


Precision is key and most importantly, have fun!



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