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the devoted float

"to the rescue"

When every

second counts

we want you
prepared to prevent
a drowning

Sometimes you must become the hero.

we are making sea change - changing perspective on the need for flotation when near water



Join others in getting our message heard across America - "#PLEASEINSTALLFLOATS" 

Lifering Toss

A super fun viral challenge is underway to raise awareness about the importance of flotation!


Our Big Announcement

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The Devoted Float and The Qualified Captain are partnering to bring sea change!

The Devoted Float has teamed up with The Qualified Captain, the water industry’s leading expert on safety to bring national attention to the importance of installing waterside lifesaver rings.


Buy a dockside lifesaver for yourself AND for someone you care about

- Float it Forward -


Lifesaver rings located on docks save lives.

Drownings in the 

United States



FLOATs save lives

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Calm Sea

every second counts...

The unthinkable could happen in a matter of seconds...

Be prepared to avoid a drowning ~ install a dockside lifesaver, learn about water safety and practice life saving skills.


Drowning accounts for

7% of all injury-related deaths. 

Red Life Saver
Red Life Saver
A person can drown in as little as 30 seconds after inhaling only a quarter cup of water.
Red Life Saver
Drowning can happen to anyone, often even experienced swimmers.
Red Life Saver

Unexpected incidents in the water like leg cramps, injuries, and panic can trigger a drowning.

Red Life Saver

Often lifesaver devices are found on boats and at swimming pools, but rarely on docks. Add a dockside float.

Red Life Saver

Being prepared to act quickly if someone falls in the water can make the difference between life and death.

use floats 
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See our impact!

Floatable Notables

We are making Sea Change together ~ changing perspective on the need for flotation when near water!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness around the importance of flotation usage, water safety and drowning prevention.

We want to thank
our partners

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